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Computer Education Techniques is in the business of applying and teaching computer technology to help organizations - Fortune 1000 corporations, government municipalities, healthcare providers, and consulting firms improve the efficiency of their information technology operations and systems.

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Computer Education Techniques aggregates, reviews, and distributes information in the public domain relating to computer software and interrelated hardware technologies.

Emerging Trends and Market Analysis
Open Source Software Cloud Computing
Big Data Mobile Devices

Strategic Software
Web Browsers Linux and UNIX
Internetworking Databases

Course Search Engine

Use the course search engine to research industry standard and consultancy derived information technology subject matter.

Computer Schools Skillset

Distance-learning Service

CETi develops and conducts distance-learning information technology courses in conjunction with technology partners.

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This website is being developed to provide content which applies the guidelines of the DTEC: Distance Education and Training Council. It builds upon the regulations and standards of the New York State Department of Education Bureau of Propriety School Supervision and training center prototype research from 2000 - 2007. The CETi board of directors will be evaluating the courseware, curriculum, lesson plans, and instructor training for deciding when to reapply for licensing. The projected time frame is 2020. In the interim, CETi information technology resources selectively will be made available to accredited trade schools and academic institutions for evaluation and use. Review of subject matter is restricted to request by e-mail and required to be prequalified by CETi management.
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