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The Computer Education Techniques, Inc. courseware library and content delivery is being adapted to meet the information technology training requirements and budgets of client organizations.

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Footnote 1:

In June 2013, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology jointly announced its plans for personalized Guided Learning Pathways. CETi is applying the principles to its courseware library and training aids for synchronous and asynchronous use in its virtual and in-person classrooms.

Footnote 2:

A decision was made to improve and transition the SYS-ED training service to apply the commissioned findings reported by Microsoft Corporation in Technology and Training Magazine, "Value of Certifications" article, by Bob Lutz General Manager Microsoft Learning Solutions. Significant work has been performed to update, extend, and expand the courseware library for distance-learning presentation and web-based access to information technology subject matter. SYS-ED also is returning to a commitment for having its teachers become source commercial software company and open source purveyor certified.