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Computer Education Techniques courseware library has become increasingly important where there is a scarcity of information technology textbooks.

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New York State Department of Education Standards

Courseware is being updated and revised to meet the New York State Department of Education Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision Policy Guidelines:

Additional Curriculum Review Process, PG-5-1100. Specialized Curriculum Policies, PG-7-0201. Submission of Curriculum Applications, PG-23-0902.


Client Server Computer Applications Database IBM WebSphere and Open Source
Java Development Platform and Language Mainframe Mainframe Legacy Programming Languages Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools
MS Application DevelopmentMS Internetworking Open Source Software Oracle Database and Development Platform
Programming Languages UNIX and Linux Web Development and Internet Programming Web Servers

Many first generation and legacy mainframe applications have to be maintained or are being modified to work with a new generation of web enabled development platforms and software as a service. This is the courseware being expanded into a learning center format:

z/OS JCL - Basic PL/1 Programming Language
Db2 for Java Programmers IBM RAD Application Development

A long term objective is to develop courseware for evaluation as a NRV: National Recognized Vendor in conjunction with submitting BPSS-30 curriculum. The CETi board of directors will be evaluating the advantages and tradeoffs in mainframe software technology where there is no NRV and in areas of hybrid information technology - open source software in combination with commercial software.