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There currently is a combination of MS Windows desktop and server operating systems in use. However, Microsoft Corporation has publicly committed its intention to standardize on MS Windows 10 version. Starting in 2015, a free upgrade has been available from MS Windows 8 with incentives for licensed clients with earlier versions of the MS Windows family of operating systems.

  • MS Windows XP support ended in 2014.
  • MS Vista has been phased out; it has minimal market share.
  • MS Windows 7 deployments have a substantial share of the desktop market, but they are being phased out as part of a migration to Windows 10.
  • There are three versions of MS Windows 8, 8.1, Pro, and RT; there no longer is a free upgrade to Windows 10.
  • MS Windows 10 and the MS Edge web browser are strategic components of a phase out and transition to meet competition in desktop and mobile devices in global markets.
  • MS SharePoint increasingly will have to accomodate the Apple and Android and other third party and OSS mobile devices.
  • Microsoft has been expending resources to develop the Windows operating system for MS Phone and tablet for integration with its SharePoint software stack infrastructure.
  • There has been an increased interest and experimentation with Linux as a desktop operating system; however, this has not yet translated into significant market share.

Although Microsoft Windows operating systems still are widely used, the trend increasingly is towards mixed co-existance and integration with Android and Apple platform mobile device operating system platforms.  The MS Windows 10 operating system also is integral to the standardization and integration of its MS Phone and tablet - Surface platform. The MS SharePoint Server stack platform is central to the Microsoft platform strategy - networking, scripting, and application development.

In infrastructure and back office operations, the assumption is that commodity hardware will be important in determining the distribution of server market share: proprietary MS Windows servers, open source Linux-variants, and commercial UNIX-driven processors.  A significant trend is the increased scale-out to Wintel server hardware from proprietary scale-up servers. In addition to their proprietary hardware and UNIX operating systems, IBM and Hewlett-Packard provide financing and technical support to the Linux foundation as part of increasing their utilization of Linux kernel. In response to this competition, Microsoft has become more accomodating to open source software.

Microsoft Software Linux-variants UNIX-variants
Microsoft Windows and Server
Internetworking Software
Leading Hardware Companies Leading Software Companies and Projects
MS Windows XP
MS Windows Vista
MS Windows 7 MS Phone Dell Hewlett-Packard Motorola Apple - OSX FreeBSD Hewlett-Packard - UNIX
MS Windows 8 / Pro Windows RT Windows 10 Nokia Samsung Toshiba IBM - AIX and z/OS OpenBSD Oracle - Solaris

MS Windows 2008 Server
MS Windows 2012 Server
MS Windows Server 2016
MS Windows Server 2019
Linux- and UNIX-variants as a Base Operating System
MS Internet Information Server Desktop Networking Web Servers
MS SharePoint MS PowerShell Middleware Database Application Development

Technology Updates

Apple - Mac  Operating System to iPad Emulation Google Android Operating System Google Chrome Operating System MS SharePoint Server MS Windows 7 Operating System MS Windows 8 - 10 Operating System MS Windows Azure
MS Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 Red Hat and Fedora Linux SUSE Linux SUSE WebYaST Ubuntu Linux UNIX Administration UNIX Programming

Microsoft Database
 and Development Platforms
Popular Implementations -
Mobile Computing -
MS SQL Server 2005/2008 MS SQL Server 2012/2016 Red Hat - Linux Novell SUSE - Linux Android - Linux Chrome - Linux
Microsoft.NET MS Windows Phone and Tablets / UWP Ubuntu - Linux Other Linux Implementations Web Apps for IPhone, IPad, and Netbook

Scripting with WIMP Scripting with LAMP OSS Scripting and Programming Languages
MS Windows Server MS Internet Information Server Linux Apache Active Server Pages AJAX
MS SharePoint MS SQL Server MySQL PHP awk C++ Language
MS PowerShell C Language CGI
  HTML5 JavaScript
  Scripting with WAMP   JavaServer Pages Perl
MS Windows Server Apache PHP Python
MySQL PHP Ruby  

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