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Teaching Models - Content Delivery and Return on Investment


ROI: Return on Investment Selection of Delivery Medium Up to Date Content

Pre course planning is used to apply the guidelines prescribed in classic adult learning theory and designate the training service to be used in addressing client-specific performance objectives.

Structured Learning
Integrated Presentation
CETi Courseware
Moodle Project

This checklist and accompanying selection matrices provide a framework for executives, management, and project leaders to select the delivery medium and courseware specific to its operational requirements and budget.

ROI: Return on Investment

Client Review Process:
1- How its Employees can Efficiently and Best Learn
Component Training Service:
Industry Standard Courses, Educational Consultancy, and Training Programs
Learning Paths New York State
BPSS-30 Lesson Plan
Courseware for Teaching Examples and Code Snippets Exercises Completed
Assignments - Log
Demonstration of Prerequisite Knowledge - Required            
Provide Foundation for Deductive Reasoning            
Extrinsic Employee Motivation Required            
Review and Reinforcement of Subject Matter and Performance Objectives            
Require Subject Matter Expert Centered Content Delivery            
Require Traditional Classroom Instruction            
Require Availability of Optional Self-paced Learning            
Learning Support - Informal and Available Outside of Standard Business Hours            

2- Required Training Outcomes
Post Course Evaluation - Client, Vendor, Third Party or Combination of All Three            
Meet Organization-specific Standards            
Generate Project Deliverables - Grade the Deliverable            
Meet Certification Standards - Source Software Company            
Meet International Standards - Demonstrate            

Selection of Delivery Medium

The selection of the delivery medium is based upon the client technology in place, the nature of the subject matter, and presenting employees with multiple opportunities to master the subject matter: pre course studying, modular review questions, remedial instruction, supplemental advanced exercises, and answers to common questions.

It is standard practice to review the client's transmission delivery infrastructure. The prospective client will need to confirm the quality of service forwarding the data to the geographic locations of the trainees and internal quality of service for the bi-directional delivery of data up to and through the local area network or wireless mobile devices.

Blended Learning Web-based Content Delivery
Technology Driven Classrooms Web-based Training Distance-learning M-learning

Up to Date Content

Computer Education Techniques courseware is designed for use in teaching and measuring mastery of computer subject matter. It is highly valued in those areas of information technology where there is a scarcity of industry standard textbooks: IBM mainframe systems, open source software, and increasingly hybrid information technology.

At the client discretion, CETi courseware can be used in conjunction with an industry standard textbook, NRV curriculum, and source vendor documentation.

Courseware Extension CETi Knowledge Base
Software Technologies
and Research

The CETi courseware library is being transitioned for use in multiple delivery medium and to meet the standards of the New York State Department of Education Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.

Policy Guidelines:

  • Additional Curriculum Review Process, PG-5-1100.
  • Specialized Curriculum Policies, PG-7-0201.
  • Submission of Curriculum Applications, PG-23-0902.

Information Technology Infrastructure

Client/Server Computer Applications Database IBM WebSphere and Open Source Software
Java Development Platform and Language Mainframe Mainframe Legacy Programming Languages Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools
MS Application Development MS Internetworking Open Source Software Oracle Database and System Software
Programming Languages Linux and UNIX Web Development and Internet Programming Web Servers

Courseware as a learning center can be reviewed in an advertising free environment: z/OS JCL and PL/1 Progamming language.