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MS Edge - Wintel Platform

The recommended web browser for reviewing a SYS-ED website is Microsoft Edge from a desktop or laptop personal computer. The original design was for employees from Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, and healthcare providers using MS Internet Explorer.

Computer Education Techniques technology assessments and updates aggregate and analyze information in the public domain: software, source vendor documentation, industry standard textbooks, white papers, independent benchmarks, and report journalism. A taxonomy is applied to information technology software and markets. This information is distributed through SYS-ED and CETi technology partner websites.

Subject matter is organized into industry standard courses, client-specific courses, specialized training, and training programs based upon the lesson plans mandated by the New York State Department of Education. The course search engine can be used to research subject matter. Keyword and curriculum-category search is used to review course titles and major topics. Course outlines can be requested and questions submitted. Information can be accessed from open source Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and propietary Apple Safari and Opera mobile web browsers.

To print a paginated hard copy version of a SYS-ED website from the MS Edge web browser, select Print and set Scale to Shrink to Fit, Margins to Narrow, and Headers and footers to On. That will provide the optimal output. The Mozilla Firefox web browser also provides a scaling to print selection. Invoke the Open Menu from the upper right corner of the screen and the Print icon. From Page Setup go to the Margins & Header/Footer tab to access Headers & Footers and use the drop list to select page #, URL, and Date/Time and apply with the OK button. Use the Scale drop list at the top of the screen to select Shrink to Fit and then from the upper left corner of the screen invoke the Print selection rectangle. The Shrink to Fit check box also can be applied from the "Page Setup... " selection rectangle.

Printing can be performed using any of the web browsers. Settings and adjustments will have to be made; there will be variation in the printed output - number of pages and some minor formatting.

A user account is required to request course outlines and review dates from any SYS-ED website.

SYS-ED Mobile Website -

The SYS-ED mobile website has been designed for researching information technology subject matter from an Apple iPhone or iPad, Google Android device, and Microsoft Phone or Surface tablet.

It was developed using CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, ASP, and a scalable database.