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Computer Education Techniques is in the final stages of preparing a GSA Schedule for submission. It is the by product of over a quarter century work in the evolutionary fields of data processing and information technology, consultancy assignments, and relationships with CETi technology partners:

Private Training - Course Search Engine Distance-learning Service Web-based Training Training programs
Courseware as a Learning Center Specialized Information Technology Training SBA - Subcontracting and Joint Venture MBE and WBE - Joint Venture
Instructor Training Website Support Services Courseware Licensing Subscription Services
IT Training Services for Trade Schools IT Training Services through Accredited Academia Programming and Documentation Services CETI and Technology Partner Schedule

It builds upon the standards and application for licensure submitted to the New York State Department of Education. CETi provides training services with and for technology partners, software companies, and consulting firms.

Aggregation and research of emerging trends in information technology, vocational training, and education are organized and distributed by

The application includes an independent supplier review of our services by an accredited rating agency. Performance Ratings are provided on: reliability, cost, order accuracy, delivery/timeliness, quality, business relations, personnel, customer support, and responsiveness.


 Commitment to Excellence with Technology Partners

CETi Technology Partner - Pathway to Success Training


A cognicant search capability is being developed for use with SBA NAIC and Product and Service Codes.