Computer Education Professionals

SYS-ED Training Service and IBM

CETi and SYS-ED Training in the IBM Mainframe Environment IBM Mainframe Software Environment
Computer Education Techniques and SYS-ED have provided training services for IBM in the mainframe environment.

A SYS-ED distance-learning course is 65% lecture with pre and post course assessment, review questions, examples, workshops, and website support services.

IBM has rebranded WebSphere MQ to IBM MQ and DB2 to Db2.   CETi is updating its urls to reflect these changes.


Enrollment requires a consultation with the manager sending the employee for the training. The prospective trainee needs to be qualified for the course and service transmission to the client location tested: bandwidth, firewall, base operating system, software requirements, web browser, and set up of machine exercises. SYS-ED reserves the right to deny enrollment in its courses.

SYS-ED and IBM Corporation - Mainframe Training Services
CICS Transaction Server IMS File-AID Software 1 Attendance and Evaluation:
SYS-ED Db2 and CICS courses. 2
IBM - COBOL Training Program

SYS-ED Mainframe Environment - Student Course Evaluations
Assembler Programming CLIST and REXX Programming COBOL Programming VSAM
CICS Transaction Server Db2 Relational Database UNIX and Linux IBM MQ Middleware

Scarcity of Up to Date Mainframe Textbooks and Courseware
Courseware Challenge
and SYS-ED Mission
CETi Review and Extension
of Textbooks
Courseware and IBM
Teaching IBM MQ for the NRV: Nationally Recognized Vendor 3

Mainframe Courseware and CETi Courseware as a Learning Center
CETI Mainframe
Courseware Library
z/OS JCL Courseware and Legacy Programming Languages PL/1 Programming Courseware and IBM System Software Environment Mainframe Training Aids

Mainframe Training Programs
Entry Level Mainframe Assembler Programming COBOL Programming Java Programming
PL/1 Programming CICS Transaction Server z/OS Operations and System Programming UNIX and Linux

Footnote 1

A CETi technology partner provided tailored training on Compuware IMS File-AID software for IBM software developers; the course evaluations are on file with the source contracting consulting company.

Footnote 2

IBM personnel audited SYS-ED CICS and Db2 courses conducted through the USDA Graduate School; this information was reported by David Silverberg and Jonathon Clarke.

Footnote 3

IBM Corporation does not provide a mainframe NRV: Nationally Recognized Vendor curriculum. In conjunction with teaching industry standard and tailored courses, Computer Education Techniques has developed and incrementally refined its own courseware for teaching.